February 24

Origin of the Ironhand name

Ironhand Technology and Consulting has a history of being supported by members of the American Armed Military Services. The Godfather of Ironhand was an army ranger that was apart on one very special operations team made up of heroes with distinct specialties. This group successfully founded the dictator Sadam Hussein and lead to his capture; their code name: IRONHAND!

May 07

The begining

After helping the Federal Government track and process business progress for years came, the founder of Ironhand began to understand their needs. This led him to leave his position with the government and start a company that would provide solutions these businesses need in order to prosper- which he did by developing scalable platforms used throughout America's Medium/Small Businesses.

June 08

First steps

Ironhand’s first project was with a once-dormant government agency who was in dire need of a digital overhaul. With nothing but paper and a Facebook page, they were struggling to stay relevant with the community that they served. Now this state agency has major annual events, is number 1 on all major browser search engines, and have their own dynamic web application so that they can update content without coding! This project became the birth of the Ironhand Backoffice.

August 01

Arrives in Mexico

The story of Ironhand coming to Mexico began when a satisfied client recommended the CEO of a Mexican company to meet with the future founder of Ironhand. According to the CEO, the founder had managed projects, developed technology, and received the support of manufacturers, producers and inventers which caught the attention of the Mexican Company out of Jalisco Mexico. This partnership led to a friendship which led to a brotherhood which resulted in the success of completed projects in Mexico. Eventually, the potential of Mexico and the success of what was accomplished between the Mexican company and the founder opened the eyes of limitless opportunities. Which led to the official founding of Ironhand Technology and Consulting.

December 02

Ironhand is born

After years of experience and having worked with global companies such as Google, Facebook, Coca Cola, in the government of the United States and Mexico, and more; the founder of Ironhand finds and develops a formula to provide comprehensive solutions for companies of all levels. He decides to materialize the idea and start a company with Mexican talent.

December 29

Ironhand continues to grow

Already established in the information technology market in Mexico, a large number of clients from different parts of the country gradually joined, which allowed them to start developing different platforms designed for specific needs and for increasingly diverse sectors and types of services of companies, which made it possible to start developing more and more platforms and applications. 

June 08

Lets go for everything!

This year is key for the company, we are in an exponential growth since the last 3 years, the constant work has allowed us to have more than 30 platforms and/or applications well positioned in different markets, these platforms offer solutions to various specific problems and of clients that are located in increasingly diverse parts of the world.

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